Useful Stuff for your Time on Maui

Lounging on the beach is all fine and good, but if you're the type who's looking to get a little dirty and get lost in the beauty of the nature, you're in the perfect place to do it. On those adventures, it's good to be prepared. And while some of the gear is mentioned with more of a survivalist in mind, a lot of the gear simply allows for a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

One of the easiest places to supply your trip is on


Looking for advice on some useful stuff for your trip to Maui? Here's some of the gear that might come in handy on your Maui adventures:


We don't recommend the full face snorkel mask. See here, here and here for why.

If you're planning ahead and are willing to throw down a little more on some quality fins, here's a pair of carbon fiber ones. They're coming from Estonia, but they're a great pair and it's not easy to find carbon fiber ones for less than $500. at a little over $200, these are a steal.

While this is the highest quality bag we've found, there are others that will do the trick.
Sometimes this item is out of stock. You can also find deals for this on eBay. This brand specifically tends to make incredibly hardy and durable products, so used items off of eBay are still quality items. Of course, that goes on a case by case basis.

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